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ALFA Employees
Please give hope to a family this Christmas!


Last year, Christmas Clearinghouse provided assistance to

approximately 2,000 households;

impacting over 7,000 children in the River Region!

Established in 1980, the Christmas Clearinghouse coordinates and matches those in the River Region who are in need of holiday assistance with generous individuals in the community to provide toys and gifts for families in need. 

HandsOn River Region uses a three-step approach to provide assistance to those in need during the holiday season:

1. Eliminate Duplication of Services- by partnering with nonprofit and faith-based programs in the community who provide HandsOn River Region with a list of those in need, which is then entered into a single database to ensure all who need assistance receive assistance.

2. Adoption- HandsOn River Region can match you with a family in need and provide a wish list for a family.  

3. Donate- The Christmas Clearinghouse goes one step further by providing assistance to those families who do not receive assistance for Christmas through a service agency or are not adopted through our program. A little goes a long way to make our families feel connected and supported.

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